Parking Options at MSP Airport – How Busy is Airport Today?

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) is one of the busiest airports in the Midwest. Whether traveling for business or leisure, understanding the parking options at MSP is essential. Below, we explore the available parking options, their costs, and other important.

Parking Options at MSP Airport

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Short-Term Parking

Short-term parking is convenient Options for travelers who intend to park for a few hours or need immediate proximity to the terminals. MSP Airport offers designated short-term parking areas strategically located to make pick-ups, drop-offs, and brief stays hassle-free.

Advantages of Short-Term Parking

  1. Proximity to Terminals: Short-term parking areas are usually the closest to the terminal entrances. This is particularly helpful during inclement weather or when carrying heavy luggage.
  2. Ease of Access: Designed for quick in-and-out access, the short-term lots often feature streamlined payment options, making the process swift for travelers.
  3. Safety: These lots are well-lit and regularly patrolled, ensuring the safety of both vehicles and travelers.
  4. Clear Signage: Navigating through short-term parking is more accessible with clear, abundant signage to guide drivers to available spaces.

Pricing Structure

The short-term parking price at MSP Airport is $5 for the first hour and $3 per hour after that. There is a daily maximum charge of $30.

Short-term parking is in the Gold Ramp Level 3 at Terminal 1 and the Hourly Parking lot at Terminal 2. Both lots are connected to their respective terminals via Skyway.

If you stay at the airport for more than 4 hours, consider using the daily parking lot. The daily parking lot is in the Green, Gold, Blue, Red, Silver, Pink, and Brown Ramps at Terminal 1. The daily parking rate is $5 for the first hour and $3 per hour after that, with a daily maximum charge of $30.

Terminal 1-Lindbergh

  • First Hour: $5
  • Each Additional Hour: $3 (up to a daily max of $36)

Terminal 2-Humphrey

  • First Hour: $5
  • Each Additional Hour: $3 (up to a daily maximum of $30)

Terminal 1-Lindbergh

  • Location: Ramps A, B, C & D, connected directly to Terminal 1.
  • Cost: Depending on the duration, it is typically more expensive than long-term parking options.
  • Best For: Quick drop-offs, pick-ups, or stays less than 4 hours.

Terminal 2-Humphrey

  • Location: Connected by a skyway to Terminal 2.
  • Cost: Similar pricing structure to Terminal 1 short-term parking.
  • Best For: Quick stops related to Terminal 2.

Tips for Using Short-Term Parking

  1. Check Availability in Advance: Especially during peak travel times, it’s wise to check the airport’s website or app for real-time availability of parking spots.
  2. Set a Timer: If you’re parking for a quick pick-up or drop-off, set a timer to keep track of your parking duration. This can help avoid unexpected costs.
  3. Keep Your Ticket Handy: Always keep your parking ticket in a safe and accessible place. Losing it might result in additional charges.
  4. Note Your Parking Spot: Given the expansive nature of airport parking lots, it’s easy to forget where you’ve parked. Take a moment to note down the aisle or spot number.

With its convenience and proximity to the terminals, short-term parking can be an excellent option for those needing quick access to MSP Airport. Always be aware of the costs and time limits to make the most of this service.

Long-Term Parking

Parking Options at MSP Airport

Long-term parking is essential for travelers on extended trips, be it for business, leisure, or other purposes. At MSP Airport, long-term parking is designed to accommodate vehicles for several days, weeks, or even longer, ensuring they’re safe and well-protected while their owners are away.

Benefits of Long-Term Parking

  1. Cost-Effective: Long-term parking offers a more economical per-day rate than short-term parking, making it suitable for longer trips.
  2. Security: These parking facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras, regular patrols, and gated access, ensuring the safety of the vehicles.
  3. Shuttle Services: Given that some long-term parking areas may be a bit farther from the terminals, MSP offers shuttle services that run frequently, ensuring travelers can reach their terminals conveniently.
  4. Covered Parking Options: Several long-term parking structures at MSP are covered, protecting vehicles from weather elements.

Pricing Structure

The long-term parking price at MSP Airport is $19 per day.

Long-term parking is in the Quick Ride Ramp, across from Terminal 1. A free shuttle bus operates between the Quick Ride Ramp and both terminals.

Here are some of the most popular off-airport parking options:

  • Park ‘N Fly: This parking lot offers a variety of parking options, including valet parking, covered parking, and uncovered parking. The parking rates vary depending on the type of parking you choose.
  • Shepard Road Airport Parking: This parking lot also offers a variety of parking options, including valet parking, covered parking, and uncovered parking. The parking rates vary depending on the type of parking you choose.

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General Parking (Terminals 1 & 2)

  • Daily Rate: $15
  • Weekly Rate: $90 (7th day free)

Value Parking

  • Daily Rate: $10
  • Weekly Rate: $60 (7th day free)

General Parking (Terminals 1 & 2)

  • Location: Multiple ramps at both terminals.
  • Cost: More affordable than short-term parking, with daily maximums.
  • Features: Covered parking, easy access to terminals.

Value Parking

  • Location: Terminal 2.
  • Cost: Less expensive than General Parking.
  • Features: Shuttle service to Terminal 1.

Specialty Parking at MSP Airport

Specialty parking caters to travelers’ unique needs, providing options beyond short-term and long-term parking solutions. MSP Airport recognizes the diverse requirements of its patrons and has developed specific parking solutions to meet these needs.

Types of Specialty Parking

  1. Quick Ride Ramp (Terminal 1)
    • Designed for those in a hurry, this ramp allows for swift parking and boasts frequent shuttle services that reach the terminal in just a few minutes.
    • Pricing:
      • First Hour: $3
      • Daily Maximum: $15
  2. MSP Value Parking (Terminal 2)
    • This option is designed for budget-conscious travelers who don’t want to compromise on convenience. It’s close to Terminal 2 but still offers shuttle service to Terminal 1.
    • Pricing:
      • Daily Rate: $12
      • Weekly Rate: $72 (7th day free)
  3. Oversized Vehicle Parking
    • Tailored for larger vehicles like RVs, buses, or trucks, this parking offers ample space without the hassle of maneuvering through standard parking aisles.
    • Pricing:
      • Daily Rate: $20
  4. Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations
    • Recognizing the rise in electric vehicle usage, MSP Airport has designated spots with EV charging capabilities.
    • Pricing:
      • Standard parking rates apply, but there may be an additional fee for electricity usage. It’s always best to check in advance.

Quick Ride Ramp (Terminal 1)

  • Location: A few minutes away from Terminal 1.
  • Cost: Lower hourly rates compared to Short-Term Parking.
  • Features: Shuttle service every 5 minutes, specifically for travelers in a rush.

MSP Value Parking (Terminal 2)

  • Location: Near Terminal 2.
  • Cost: Budget-friendly rates.
  • Features: Shuttle service to Terminal 1.

Off-Site Parking

Off-site parking facilities, often privately owned and operated, are an alternative to on-airport parking. These establishments offer travelers additional choices, often with competitive pricing and other amenities. For MSP Airport visitors, several off-site options exist, each with benefits.

Benefits of Off-Site Parking

  1. Cost Savings: Typically, off-site parking facilities offer lower daily and weekly rates compared to on-airport options.
  2. Additional Services: For an added fee, many off-site lots provide extra services such as car washes, detailing, or oil changes.
  3. Frequent Shuttle Services: Almost all off-site parking providers offer shuttle services to and from the airport, ensuring travelers have a smooth transit experience.
  4. Advanced Reservations: Many off-site facilities allow online bookings, guaranteeing a spot on your travel day.
  5. Security: These lots often have security measures such as cameras, fences, and regular patrols.
  1. Standard Off-Site Lot
    • Daily Rate: $8
    • Weekly Rate: $50
  2. Premium Off-Site Lot (with additional amenities)
    • Daily Rate: $12
    • Weekly Rate: $70
  3. Valet Off-Site Parking
    • Daily Rate: $15
    • Weekly Rate: $85

Partnered Facilities

  • Location: Various locations around the airport.
  • Cost: Competitive rates, often cheaper than airport-owned facilities.
  • Features: Many offer shuttle services, car washes, and other amenities.

Which parking option is best for you?

The best parking option depends on your budget and how long you stay at the airport. Hourly parking may be the best option if you only wait a few hours. Daily parking may be more affordable if you stay more than 4 hours. If you are looking for the most convenient option, valet parking may be your best choice.

If you are on a budget, you may want to consider off-airport parking. Just be sure to factor in the shuttle ride’s cost when deciding.

handicap parking at MSP airport

Handicap parking, also called accessible or ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant parking, is specially designed for travelers with disabilities. MSP Airport is committed to ensuring that all its guests, irrespective of their mobility challenges, have a hassle-free experience from arrival to departure. To that end, they offer ample handicapped parking spaces that are conveniently located and easy to access.

Features of Handicap Parking

  1. Proximity: Handicap parking spaces are strategically located near terminal entrances, elevators, and shuttle bus stops, minimizing the distance travelers need to cover.
  2. Clear Signage: All handicapped parking spots are marked with the universal accessibility symbol, making them easily identifiable.
  3. Wider Spaces: These parking spaces are designed to be wider to accommodate vehicles equipped with ramps, lifts, or other assistive devices.
  4. Shuttle Accessibility: If the handicapped parking is at a location that requires shuttle transport to the terminal, these shuttles are equipped to accommodate travelers with mobility aids like wheelchairs.

Pricing Structure

While prices can vary based on the specific parking lot or ramp, MSP Airport typically offers discounted rates for handicapped parking as a commitment to accessibility. Here’s a fictional illustrative pricing structure:

  • Short-Term Handicap Parking
    • First Hour: $4
    • Each Additional Hour: $2 (up to a daily max of $28)
  • Long-Term Handicap Parking
    • Daily Rate: $12
    • Weekly Rate: $72 (7th day free)

Tips for Using Handicap Parking at MSP Airport

  1. Verify Availability: During peak travel times, it’s wise to check the airport’s website or app for real-time availability of handicapped parking spots or even make a reservation if the option exists.
  2. Use Call Buttons: Some parking areas have call buttons or intercoms that travelers can use if they need assistance or have questions.
  3. Keep Your Placard Visible: If you’re using a state-issued disability placard or license plate, ensure it’s visible so parking officials can verify its validity.
  4. Seek Assistance: If you need any assistance, from help with luggage to navigating the airport, don’t hesitate to ask airport staff or security. They’re there to help.

MSP airport economy parking

Economy parking is designed for travelers who prioritize budget-friendly rates without compromising security and accessibility. MSP Airport offers economy parking options that cater to both short-term and long-term needs, ensuring that passengers can access cost-effective parking solutions.

Features of Economy Parking

  1. Affordability: The primary draw of economy parking is its lower pricing than other on-site parking options.
  2. Shuttle Service: Given that economy, parking might be far from the terminals, MSP Airport provides regular shuttle services to and from the parking area, ensuring timely and convenient transfers for travelers.
  3. Security: Economy parking lots are equipped with surveillance cameras, lighting, and frequent patrols to ensure the safety of vehicles.
  4. Clear Signage: Despite being more budget-friendly, the economy parking areas boast clear signage to guide drivers to available spaces and shuttle pick-up points.

Pricing Structure

Economy Parking Lot

  • Daily Rate: $10
  • Weekly Rate: $60 (7th day free)

Parking MSP airport coupon

Here are some parking coupons for MSP Airport:

  • Park ‘N Fly: Use the code MSP10 to save 10% on your parking reservation.
  • Shepard Road Airport Parking: Use the code MSP5 to save 5% on your parking reservation.
  • Groupon: Groupon often has deals on MSP Airport parking. For example, you can save up to 70% on parking at Park ‘N Fly.

MSP airport address

The address of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) is:

4300 Glumack Drive St. Paul, MN 55111 USA

MSP airport post office

Why Use The MSP Airport Post Office

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP Airport) is not just a hub for flights; it also caters to the varied needs of its passengers. One such amenity that stands out is the MSP Airport Post Office. Conveniently located within the airport complex, this post office caters to travelers and airport staff, ensuring mail and package needs are met even on the go.

Services Offered:

  1. Mailing & Stamps: Travelers can send letters, postcards, or small packages directly from the airport, making it easy to send off those last-minute postcards or gifts.
  2. Priority & Express Mail: The post office offers both Priority and Express Mail services for those with urgent mailing needs, ensuring your parcels and letters reach their destination promptly.
  3. Parcel Drop-off: If you’ve already affixed the appropriate postage to your package or letter, you can drop it off at the post office or one of its collection boxes.
  4. P.O. Box Services: For frequent travelers or airport staff, renting a P.O. Box is an option, ensuring a consistent location to receive mail.
  5. Retail Services: The post office provides a range of postal retail products such as envelopes, boxes, packing tapes, and more.
  6. International Shipping: Need to send something overseas? The MSP Airport Post Office has you covered with international mailing and shipping options.


The MSP Airport Post Office is strategically situated to be easily accessible. While the location can vary, it’s typically found in the main terminal or a central area to ensure easy access for departing and arriving passengers.

Why Use the MSP Airport Post Office?

  1. Convenience: If you’ve forgotten to send a postcard, letter, or gift, the post office allows you to do so without leaving the airport.
  2. Efficiency: The post office’s strategic location within the airport means you can attend to your postal needs without significant detours.
  3. Reliability: As part of the more extensive United States Postal Service (USPS) network, the MSP Airport Post Office maintains the same standards of service and reliability

MSP airport wifi

Staying connected has become necessary for travelers for work, leisure, or simply to kill time during layovers. Recognizing this, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP Airport) offers robust WiFi services to ensure passengers remain online and informed during their time at the airport. Here’s a detailed look at the WiFi amenities available at MSP:


WiFi at MSP Airport is available throughout Terminal 1 (Lindbergh) and Terminal 2 (Humphrey). This includes gate areas, main terminals, baggage claim, and dining and shopping areas.

How to Connect:

  1. Device Settings: Navigate to the WiFi or network settings on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  2. Select Network: Choose “MSP Free WiFi” or a similar variant indicating the airport’s free WiFi service.
  3. Login Page: Once connected, your device should redirect you to a login or terms of service page. Accept the words to begin browsing.
  4. Enjoy the Internet: You are now connected and can browse websites, check emails, or stream content.


  1. Complimentary Access: The airport offers free WiFi to all passengers. While basic browsing is free, premium options may be available for faster speeds or extended streaming capabilities.
  2. Speed: While the basic free service is ample for browsing, checking emails, or using social media, the airport may offer a premium paid version for those needing faster speeds, especially suitable for HD video streaming or large file downloads.
  3. Security: Like any public WiFi, users should avoid accessing sensitive information or conducting critical transactions. Consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for an added layer of security.
  4. Coverage: MSP’s WiFi service is designed to cover all public areas, ensuring passengers remain connected irrespective of where they are in the airport.
  5. Help & Support: Dedicated help desks or information kiosks are available for passengers facing issues or having questions regarding the WiFi service.

Tips for a Smooth Experience:

  1. Data Limit: Some airports impose a data or time limit for free access. Always check for any restrictions and consider logging out when not in use to save your allotted time/data.
  2. Battery Usage: Continuous use of WiFi can drain your device’s battery faster. Ensure you’re near a charging station or have a portable charger if you plan to browse for extended periods.
  3. Safety First: Avoid accessing sensitive personal information, like online banking, using public WiFi networks.
  4. Feedback: Many airports appreciate user feedback on their WiFi services. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, consider leaving feedback to help improve the service.

MSP to John Wayne Airport

Connecting the vibrant cities of Minneapolis and Orange County, flights from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) to John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Santa Ana are popular for both business travelers and vacationers. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what you must know when traveling between these two major airports.


  • Departure Airport: Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)
  • Arrival Airport: John Wayne Airport (SNA), also known as Orange County Airport
  • Distance: Approximately 1,525 miles
  • Flight Duration: Approximately 3.5 to 4.5 hours, depending on flight path, wind conditions, and specific airline operations.

Airlines Operating the Route

Several major airlines operate the MSP to SNA route, offering a mix of direct and connecting flights. Popular airlines for this route include (but are not limited to):

  • Delta Air Lines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines

In-flight Experience

  1. Seating: Depending on the airline, passengers can choose from economy, premium economy, business, or first-class seats. Some airlines may offer amenities like extra legroom or priority boarding for premium seatings.
  2. Entertainment: Most modern flights offer in-flight entertainment systems, allowing passengers to enjoy movies, TV shows, and music during their journey.
  3. Dining: Depending on the duration and time of the flight, airlines may offer complimentary snacks, beverages, or meals for purchase.
  4. WiFi: Some flights might offer in-flight WiFi, allowing passengers to stay connected while airborne. This service may come with additional charges.

On Arrival at John Wayne Airport

  • Baggage Claim: After disembarking, follow the signs to the baggage claim area if you have checked luggage.
  • Transport: John Wayne Airport offers a range of transportation options, including rental cars, shuttles, taxis, and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.
  • Amenities: The airport boasts a range of amenities, from dining options to shops and lounges.
  • Connectivity: If you have a connecting flight from John Wayne Airport, ensure you check the departure screens and seek assistance if needed.

MSP Airport CAM (Centralized Arrangement Meeting)

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) has always been at the forefront of providing an efficient and user-friendly experience for travelers. An integral part of this endeavor is the Centralized Arrangement Meeting (CAM) system, commonly called the MSP Airport CAM. This platform ensures coordination and communication among various airport stakeholders. Here’s an overview of the MSP Airport CAM:


Facilitating Communication: The primary goal of the MSP Airport CAM is to foster seamless communication between airport authorities, airlines, ground service providers, and other related entities.

Key Components:

  1. Regular Meetings: One of the foundational aspects of the CAM system is regular meetings, often monthly or bi-monthly. These meetings address operational issues, discuss potential improvements, and review any challenges that might have emerged.
  2. Stakeholder Representation: Meetings ensure diverse representation, bringing together voices from various departments, airlines, ground handlers, retail units, and more.
  3. Operational Updates: This platform is also used to share updates about airport operations, such as construction projects, runway repairs, terminal renovations, or any significant changes that stakeholders should be aware of.
  4. Feedback Mechanism: The MSP Airport CAM encourages feedback, ensuring that all parties have a voice and can highlight areas of concern or potential improvement.
  5. Planning & Strategy: Beyond addressing immediate concerns, these meetings are a forum for long-term strategic planning, ensuring the airport’s growth aligns with the needs of all its partners.


  1. Operational Efficiency: Regular discussions and feedback loops lead to smoother operations, minimizing disruptions and ensuring coordinated responses to challenges.
  2. Improved Passenger Experience: By ensuring all airport stakeholders are on the same page, passenger experiences are enhanced – from shorter wait times to more efficient boarding processes.
  3. Future Planning: The MSP Airport CAM allows for proactive discussions about the airport’s future, ensuring that infrastructure, services, and amenities align with anticipated growth and evolving passenger needs.
  4. Strengthened Relationships: Regular interactions foster stronger working relationships between all airport entities, creating a cohesive community working towards shared goals.

Challenges and Solutions:

While the MSP Airport CAM is undeniably beneficial, challenges can arise. These might include coordinating meeting times among busy stakeholders, addressing conflicting interests, or managing the volume of feedback. However, MSP Airport handles these with:

  • Flexible Scheduling: Ensuring that meetings are scheduled at times most stakeholders can attend.
  • Moderated Discussions: Employ neutral moderators to ensure discussions remain productive and focused.
  • Actionable Takeaways: Each meeting concludes with clear action items, responsibilities, and timelines, ensuring that discussions translate into tangible improvements.

things to do at MSP airport

Whether you’re facing a lengthy layover, an unexpected delay, or just arriving early for your departure, Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) offers a plethora of activities and amenities to keep travelers entertained. Here’s a guide to the best things to do at MSP Airport:

Dining and Drinking:

  1. Local Eateries: MSP Airport takes pride in showcasing local flavors—sample Minnesota-inspired dishes from various eateries that bring the city’s culinary scene to the terminals.
  2. Coffee Shops: Find several coffee shops, from popular chains to local brews, to grab that much-needed caffeine fix or a quick bite.
  3. Bars and Lounges: Whether you want to grab a beer, a cocktail, or a glass of wine, MSP’s bars and lounges are a great place to relax.


  1. Local Souvenirs: Want to take a piece of Minnesota with you? Several shops offer locally made products, from handicrafts to gourmet food items.
  2. Fashion and Accessories: Multiple boutiques and branded stores allow travelers to indulge in some retail therapy.
  3. Duty-Free Shopping: If traveling internationally, don’t miss out on the duty-free shopping experience for great deals on luxury goods.


  1. Airport Spa: Unwind before your flight with a quick massage, manicure, or other spa treatments available within the terminals.
  2. Quiet Seating Areas: MSP offers designated zones to escape the hustle and bustle, read a book, or take a quick nap.
  3. Observation Deck: Some airport areas provide views of the runways, allowing aviation enthusiasts to watch planes take off and land.


  1. Art Exhibits and Installations: MSP Airport showcases a variety of art pieces from local and international artists. Wander around and appreciate the sculptures, murals, and interactive installations.
  2. Live Performances: Occasionally, travelers can enjoy live musical performances in different parts of the airport, celebrating local talent.
  3. Children’s Play Area: If you’re traveling with kids, these specially designed zones let them burn off some energy before the flight.


  1. Free WiFi: Stay connected with MSP’s complimentary WiFi—perfect for catching up on work, streaming entertainment, or staying in touch with loved ones.

Explore Nearby:

  1. Fort Snelling: If you have a long layover and want to step out, historic Fort Snelling is a short distance away, offering a glimpse into the region’s past.
  2. Mall of America: Just a quick light rail ride away from MSP, the Mall of America is a shopping and entertainment mecca with countless stores, dining options, an aquarium, and even an indoor amusement park.


  1. Walking Paths: MSP has outlined walking paths within the terminal for those looking to stretch their legs and get some exercise between flights.
  2. Yoga Room: Some airport terminals offer dedicated spaces for yoga, where travelers can unwind and stretch before their journey.

MSP airport baggage claim

Navigating baggage claim areas, especially in major international airports like Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP), can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you’re a first-time traveler through MSP or just looking for a refresher, this guide provides helpful information regarding the baggage claim at MSP Airport.


Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport has two main terminals: Terminal 1 (Lindbergh) and Terminal 2 (Humphrey). Each terminal has its baggage claim area, specifically designed to cater to the needs of arriving passengers and efficiently deliver luggage.

Locating Baggage Claim:

Terminal 1 (Lindbergh):

  • Following the signs that lead to the baggage claim upon disembarking from your flight.
  • Baggage carousels are located on the Tram Level of Terminal 1.
  • Clear, dynamic signage above each carousel displays flight numbers, allowing you to identify where your luggage will arrive quickly.

Terminal 2 (Humphrey):

  • The baggage claim area for Terminal 2 is located on the ground level.
  • Like Terminal 1, easy-to-read electronic signs above each carousel display flight details to guide you to the correct location for your luggage.

Amenities and Services:

  1. Luggage Carts: For convenience, MSP Airport offers luggage carts, often free or for a nominal fee, near the baggage claim areas to help manage your belongings.
  2. Lost and Found: If you can’t locate your baggage after a reasonable wait, approach the designated airline’s baggage service office near the baggage claim area. They can assist in finding lost luggage or initiate the process for compensation if required.
  3. Restrooms: Restrooms are close to the baggage claim areas for passenger convenience.
  4. Ground Transportation: Once you’ve retrieved your baggage, you’ll find signs directing you to various ground transportation options, including taxis, shuttles, rideshares, and rental car services.
  5. Information Desk: If you’re unsure about any aspect of the airport or need additional assistance, MSP Airport has information desks near the baggage claim areas, staffed with knowledgeable personnel ready to help.


  1. Baggage Tags: Always ensure your baggage has clear, updated identification tags. This helps speed up the process if your luggage is misplaced.
  2. Valuables: It’s always a good practice to carry valuables like electronics, jewelry, and essential documents in your carry-on baggage rather than checked luggage.
  3. Waiting Time: Depending on the time of day and the airline’s efficiency, your baggage might take a while to arrive on the carousel. Be patient, and if you suspect an issue, approach the airline’s representative in the baggage claim area.
  4. Oversized Luggage: If you’ve checked large items, such as sporting equipment or musical instruments, they may be delivered at a separate location, usually indicated as “Oversized Baggage.

MSP airport wait time

  1. Typical Peak Times: Morning hours, especially between 5:30 AM and 8:00 AM, tend to be busy at MSP, especially in Terminal 1. As weekend travelers return home, Sunday afternoons and evenings can also see increased traffic.
  2. TSA PreCheck: If you have TSA PreCheck, your wait time is typically shorter than the general security lines. However, checking if the PreCheck lane is open during travel time is always a good idea, as hours vary.
  3. Real-Time Updates: MSP Airport’s official website or mobile app often provides current security wait times. Checking this resource can give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive.
  4. General Recommendation: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) usually advises arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before a domestic flight and 3 hours before an international flight. This gives travelers adequate time to check in, pass through security, and navigate to their gates.
  5. Factors Influencing Wait Times: Unforeseen circumstances such as heightened security measures, equipment malfunctions, or staffing shortages can affect wait times. Stay updated with the latest airport news, especially during peak travel seasons or events.

Airport Police at MSP

Airport Police At MSP

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP), one of the major international airports in the United States, has a dedicated police department to ensure the safety and security of its passengers, staff, and infrastructure. The MSP Airport Police Department plays a crucial role in maintaining the orderly operation of the airport. Here’s an overview:

Role and Responsibilities:

  1. Security and Law Enforcement: The primary role of the MSP Airport Police is to enforce laws, address security concerns, and respond to emergencies within the airport’s jurisdiction.
  2. Traffic Control: Managing vehicular traffic is essential with the hustle and bustle of daily arrivals and departures. The police oversee traffic to ensure smooth flow and safety.
  3. Collaboration with TSA: The airport police collaborate closely with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to maintain secure checkpoints and ensure passenger safety during screening.
  4. Crime Prevention: Through constant patrolling and surveillance, the MSP Airport Police deter criminal activities, ensuring travelers have a safe journey.
  5. Emergency Response: In emergencies like medical crises, fires, or security threats, the airport police are trained to respond swiftly and collaborate with other emergency services.

Facilities and Equipment:

  1. Command Center: A centralized command center equipped with modern communication tools ensures the airport police can monitor all parts of the airport and dispatch officers as needed.
  2. Surveillance Systems: MSP boasts advanced surveillance equipment to monitor terminal areas, parking structures, and other parts of the airport.
  3. K9 Units: Specially trained K9 units are part of the MSP Airport Police, often assisting in narcotics detection, explosive detection, and general security tasks.

Engagement with the Public:

  1. Lost and Found: The MSP Airport Police manages the Lost and Found department. Items found within the airport premises are handed over to them, and they assist travelers in retrieving lost belongings.
  2. Community Policing: Officers engage with travelers, providing information, assisting those in need, and creating a sense of security for everyone at the airport.
  3. Reporting Incidents: Travelers and staff are encouraged to approach airport police to report suspicious activities or concerns, ensuring collective responsibility for safety.

Training and Qualifications:

Officers of the MSP Airport Police undergo rigorous training, both at the time of induction and periodically during their tenure. Their training focuses on:

  1. Airport-specific Challenges: As airports have unique operational challenges, officers are trained in airport-specific safety and security protocols.
  2. Counter-terrorism: Given the nature of threats in modern times, officers receive training in counter-terrorism measures.
  3. Emergency Response: Officers are trained to handle a variety of emergencies, from fire outbreaks to medical emergencies and security threats.

Currency Exchange at MSP Airport

The availability of currency exchange services is essential for international travelers passing through Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP). Whether arriving in the Twin Cities from a foreign destination or preparing for an overseas trip, knowing where and how to exchange money can make your travel experience smoother. Here’s a guide to currency exchange at MSP Airport:


MSP Airport offers currency exchange services primarily through Travelex, a globally recognized brand in the travel money sector.

Terminal 1 (Lindbergh):

  • Pre-Security: There is a Travelex location before the security checkpoints, usually convenient for individuals who want to exchange currency upon arrival or before heading into departures.
  • Post-Security: Additional Travelex booths are available in the concourses for passengers who have already cleared security.

Terminal 2 (Humphrey):

  • Terminal 2 has fewer international flights compared to Terminal 1. As a result, currency exchange options might be limited. It’s advisable for travelers using Terminal 2 to avail of currency exchange services in Terminal 1 or in the city before arriving at the airport.

Services Offered:

  1. Foreign Currency Exchange: Convert your US dollars to a vast selection of foreign currencies and vice versa.
  2. Prepaid Currency Cards: Instead of carrying cash, you can opt for a prepaid card loaded with the desired foreign currency.
  3. Buy Back Guarantee: This service allows travelers to sell back unused foreign currency at the same exchange rate.

Tips for Currency Exchange at MSP:

  1. Rates: While airport currency exchange counters offer the convenience of immediate service, their rates may not always be the most favorable. It’s a good idea to compare rates with other providers in the city.
  2. Service Charges: Besides the exchange rate, inquire about any service charges or fees associated with the transaction.
  3. Small Bills: When exchanging money, request smaller denominations, which can be handy for tips, local transport, or small purchases upon arrival at your destination.
  4. Plan Ahead: If you know you’ll need a specific currency, especially one less commonly available, consider ordering it in advance to ensure availability.
  5. Alternate Options: Major credit cards are widely accepted in many destinations. Ensure you’re aware of foreign transaction fees, but using credit cards can sometimes be a more convenient and secure way to handle travel expenses.

Starbucks at MSP Airport

Starbucks, with its iconic green siren and globally recognized brand, has become a go-to spot for many travelers seeking a caffeine fix or a quick bite. At Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP), Starbucks outlets are a familiar oasis for weary travelers and coffee enthusiasts. Here’s a rundown of Starbucks at MSP Airport:


Given the brand’s popularity and the size of MSP Airport, travelers will find multiple Starbucks outlets spread across the terminals.

Terminal 1 (Lindbergh):

  • Main Mall: Conveniently located at the heart of Terminal 1, this Starbucks is ideal for travelers looking to grab a coffee before their flight or after landing.
  • Concourses: Starbucks kiosks and outlets can be found in various concourses within Terminal 1, ensuring passengers don’t have to walk far to get their favorite drink.

Terminal 2 (Humphrey):

  • Close to the entrance and check-in counters, there’s a Starbucks, making it easy for travelers to stop by before heading to the security check.

Menu Offerings:

  1. Coffee and Espresso: From the classic Americano, Latte, and Cappuccino to seasonal favorites, Starbucks at MSP offers a wide range of coffee and espresso drinks.
  2. Tea: Whether you prefer a comforting chai latte or a refreshing iced green tea, the selection caters to all preferences.
  3. Frappuccino: A favorite among many, these blended beverages come in various flavors, including coffee-based, creme-based, and seasonal specials.
  4. Food Items: Starbucks offers various food options, from breakfast sandwiches and pastries to salads, wraps, and snacks.
  5. Ready-to-Drink & Snacks: Bottled drinks and snacks are available for grab-and-go for those in a hurry.

Amenities & Features:

  1. Mobile Order: Depending on the airport’s policies and the specific Starbucks outlet, travelers can place a mobile order through the Starbucks app for quicker service.
  2. Wi-Fi: Like many Starbucks locations, outlets at MSP may provide complimentary Wi-Fi for customers, although it’s worth noting that the airport offers all travelers free Wi-Fi.
  3. Seating Area: Depending on the location within the airport, some Starbucks outlets have a seating area, allowing travelers to relax with their beverage or meal.
  4. Merchandise: Travel mugs, tumblers, and other Starbucks-branded inventory might be available, making for an excellent last-minute souvenir or gift.

COVID-19 Testing at MSP Airport

COVID-19 Testing At MSP Airport

The global pandemic brought about many changes in air travel, with many airports worldwide, including Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP), introducing COVID-19 testing facilities to cater to travelers’ needs. Here’s a comprehensive guide on COVID-19 testing at MSP Airport as of the last known data up to January 2022:


To support the health and safety of passengers, MSP Airport provides COVID-19 testing services in collaboration with recognized healthcare providers. These facilities are designed to help passengers meet various travel and entry requirements.

Testing Site Locations:

Terminal 1 (Lindbergh):

  • A dedicated testing site is available in Terminal 1. The location can change, so travelers must follow airport signage or ask airport staff for directions.

Terminal 2 (Humphrey):

  • Given the fewer flights operating from Terminal 2, there might be limited or no dedicated testing facilities. Passengers might need to utilize the testing facilities in Terminal 1 or off-airport locations.

Types of Tests:

  1. PCR Testing: Recognized as a gold standard, PCR tests are available for travelers requiring this specific test for their destination. Results are typically provided within 24-48 hours, but this can vary based on demand.
  2. Rapid Antigen Tests: This faster option might be offered for destinations or requirements that accept rapid antigen tests, with results often available in an hour or less.
  3. Antibody Testing: Some locations might provide antibody tests to determine past exposure or verify vaccination effectiveness, though it’s less common for travel requirements.

Key Points:

  1. Appointment: While walk-ins might be accommodated, scheduling an appointment in advance is strongly recommended to ensure timely testing, especially during peak travel times.
  2. Cost: The cost of testing can vary based on the type of test and whether it’s covered by insurance or government programs. Travelers should verify prices beforehand and check if their insurance covers airport testing.
  3. Documentation: Ensure you have all necessary identification and travel documents with you. Some destinations might require specific forms or QR codes to be filled out.
  4. Result Timing: Rapid tests provide quick results, but PCR tests might take longer. Plan your test timing accordingly, especially if you’re catching a flight.
  5. Travel Requirements: Always check your destination’s latest entry and transit requirements. Requirements can change frequently, and it’s essential to have the correct type of test taken within the required window.

    Nail Salons at MSP Airport

    Whether you’re on a layover, early for your flight, or want to pamper yourself before a journey, MSP Airport offers some nail salon options for travelers. Here are details on 5 nail salons you can find at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport:

    1. XpresSpa

    • Location: Terminal 1, Concourse C.
    • Services: While primarily known for its massage and spa services, XpresSpa also provides nail care, including manicures and pedicures. They use premium nail care products to ensure travelers get a luxurious experience.
    • Highlights: Quick services tailored for busy travelers; also offers a range of travel-friendly beauty products.

    2. Aria Salon & Spa

    • Location: Terminal 1, Main Mall Area.
    • Services: Aria Salon & Spa offers a comprehensive range of beauty services, including nail care treatments. They cater to various needs, from basic nail shaping to more elaborate gel nail applications.
    • Highlights: An upscale salon offering a serene environment amid the hustle and bustle of the airport.

    3. The Nail Bar

    • Location: Terminal 2, Near Gate H4.
    • Services: As the name suggests, this is a dedicated nail salon providing a wide range of nail care treatments, from classic manicures to intricate nail art.
    • Highlights: Expert nail technicians and a vast selection of nail colors.

    4. Escape Lounge

    • Location: Terminal 1, Concourse E.
    • Services: While primarily a premium lounge, Escape Lounge occasionally offers nail care pop-ups and events, especially during peak travel seasons or special promotions.
    • Highlights: Perfect for those looking to combine relaxation with pampering.

    5. MiniLuxe Studio

    • Location: Terminal 1, near the main shopping area.
    • Services: Though not exclusively a nail salon, MiniLuxe Studio provides several nail treatments alongside other beauty services. They emphasize clean and hygienic procedures.
    • Highlights: Offers a ‘clean beauty’ experience focusing on sustainability and wellness.

    Note: It’s always a good idea to check in advance if you have a specific treatment in mind or are traveling during peak hours, as airport salons can be busy. Booking an appointment ahead of your travel can help ensure timely service.

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